The Pizza Cycle

This Sunday sketch was definitly one of my favorite ones so far. Mainly becasue of the immediate excitement I had when it was first introduced. I had so many ideas and ways of completing this assignment. Unlike in past assignments, coming up with an idea was definitly not the challenge. In the end, I was deciding between three or four different ideas. The challenge, however, was trying to find the right pictures on the internet that would go well together when cropped. Although I loved my idea, in the end, I was a little annoyed becasue I did not think my editing job lived up to the idea I had in my head. However, the message I was trying to convey was still there. In my image, I tried to display the difficulties and struggles of living a healthy life style. The main reason I used a unicycle oppose to a normal bike, was because I wanted to show the importance of balance. Just becasue you are trying to be healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a slice of pizza or some other reward. There are too many people that starve themselves and don’t understand the proper ways to diet.

Sk3: Visual Note Taking

When first thinking about this assignment, I struggled with the idea of how to turn simple notes into a visual piece of work. I couldn’t see how I could turn my boring, straightforward notes into art. However, I tried my best to do that, and I think it turned out pretty well. I was looking over my math notes from calculus 110 and tried to visualize them in a different way. I decided that the best way to do this would be to try and highlight the most important concepts and notes from that day of class. I also thought that the best way to make visual notes would be to add a lot of color and make it really “pop”. For example, the graphs of sin and cosine are crucial in calculus and that’s why they are highlighted in different colors and in the center of my work. Towards the end of my drawing, once it all came together, I was really able to see the point of this exercise. As a visual learner, I was able to better remember important formulas, rules, and concepts through this. Its definitly something I would do again in the future to help myself prepare for a test or quiz.

It’s Raining Cookies

Trying to come up with an idea for this Sunday Sketch was a lot harder than I expected. I looked all over my room for inspiration, trying to find small items I could incorporate into my sketch. After failing to find anything, I started looking at what other people submitted in order to get some inspiration. However, I soon found myself just doing variations of what other people did. I realized that I needed to stop looking at what people did and come up with something on my own. After a few more failed ideas, I decided to stop obsessing over the assignment and just go about my day. I was watching football and snacking on some cookies when it hit me. I immediately ran over to my desk and sketched out the image that you see above. The cookie is the top of the umbrella protecting the man from the rain.

Sketch 2: Sunday Sketches

Literacy Narrative Part 1 Reflection

Writing my first literary narrative was a lot easier than I expected. This was becasue of the free write that we had to do before. I initially had no idea what I was going to write about and was at a complete loss. However after answering the questions prompted in the free write, all my ideas began to flow a lot smoother. After that, all I had to do was just formulate those thoughts into my final product. I chose to begin my narrative from the beginning, when I was much younger, and then tell the story of how, to this day, technology affects the way I read and write. I tried to be as honest as possible in my narrative and as a result learned a lot about my true reading and writing habits.

Link to my Literacy Narrative Part 1:

Andrew’s Avatar

My Avatar consists of a beach landscape, along with two sports teams logos. I chose the beach because for the most part, I consider myself to be a pretty easing going and mellow person. Similar to the beach, a very relaxing and calming place, I believe that I have the same presence when around people. I think that I am a free spirited person that goes with the flow. I chose my background image to represent the type of person I am, while the two other images represent my interests. I am a huge sports fan, and my two favorite sports are by far Football and Hockey. Although I was born and still live in New York City, my dad is originally from New Orleans. As a result I am New Orleans Saints fan and New York Rangers fan.

At first I thought creating this image and completing this assignment would be challenging. However, although there were some struggles, for the most part I think I managed it pretty well. For my editing, I used “PicMonkey” which I highly recommend, becasue I think they make it really easy to use and crop images.