The World in Your Eyes

Choosing a set of images for this assignment was hard. It took a minute to decide what two would look good together, especially with my limited abilities with photo editing software. I ended up choosing a photo of a woman’s eye and the Earth as they are similar shapes and sizes. With the blue eyes and the oceans of the Earth together it sort of reminds of a yin yang effect, with waves in the iris going different directions and the clouds having looser patterns. It made me think of order and chaos together.

Photo credits:

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Sky Combophoto

I had a difficult time coming up with an original idea for my own combo photo. I thought that all of the examples given were very unique and noticed that many of my favorites had a picture of the sky as one of the two pictures utilized. I looked through the pictures on my phone for a while to determine if any two pictures would fit together. I considered searching for pictures on the internet, but ultimately decided to stick with my own photos since I didn’t have an idea about what I would be searching for. While looking through my pictures, I came across a picture of green hills taken in Monte Verde, Costa Rica. I settled on this image because most of the space was taken up by the hills but the very top captured some of the sky. I realized that I would be able to attach a photo of the sky to the top of this photo without it looking too unrealistic. I found a picture of a rainbow taken in Tallahassee, Florida. I recognize that my combo photo does not look as clever as do the professional examples that we were given to model off of, but I like that I could combine the atmospheres of two completely different parts of the world and visually display the idea that “the world is a small place.”

Sunny Side Up!

Before I discovered the sunny symmetry between our solar system and a pan-fried breakfast, I was planning on combining the pictures of a sun and a basketball. Thankfully, I did not.

Images from,_sunny_side_up.jpg & Combined using PicsArt.

If you’re somewhat familiar with my past online creations (might I introduce you to Pitfalls of Punning and Eggs and Existentialism?), you probably think I have a weird obsession with eggs at this point, but truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of the taste. Waffles and pancakes are far superior in my eyes, but it can’t be denied that eggs have a peculiarly appealing aesthetic value.

Both the sun and the sunny-side-up are yellow(ish) spheres, sources of life’s vitality, and can burn you if you’re not carefully, so they seemed slightly more appropriate to pair than the sun and a basketball. The abrupt contrast between the empty void of space and crispy-warm egg whites creates a humorous disorientation that I rather enjoy. I originally had the sun shrunken down to be nested in the pan, but I had to adapt because of the picture’s square edges; as such, we are now looking at one hefty cosmic breakfast.

Yet I wanted to give you all the opportunity to vicariously hold the world in your hands (or the sun in your pan), so I made a rather unorthodox combophoto that I think you’ll enjoy. Next time you sit yourself down to some scrambles, I hope you contemplate the power you now possess: the ability to cradle the crux of the universe in All-Clads and Calphalons.

Images from & Combined using PicsArt.

The Pizza Cycle

This Sunday sketch was definitly one of my favorite ones so far. Mainly becasue of the immediate excitement I had when it was first introduced. I had so many ideas and ways of completing this assignment. Unlike in past assignments, coming up with an idea was definitly not the challenge. In the end, I was deciding between three or four different ideas. The challenge, however, was trying to find the right pictures on the internet that would go well together when cropped. Although I loved my idea, in the end, I was a little annoyed becasue I did not think my editing job lived up to the idea I had in my head. However, the message I was trying to convey was still there. In my image, I tried to display the difficulties and struggles of living a healthy life style. The main reason I used a unicycle oppose to a normal bike, was because I wanted to show the importance of balance. Just becasue you are trying to be healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a slice of pizza or some other reward. There are too many people that starve themselves and don’t understand the proper ways to diet.

Time For Water

(Sunday Sketch #4)

Creating this photo was a lot more straight forward than I had previously thought it would be. I expected it to be very hard to edit 2 different photos together, but the hardest part of the project was actually finding two things to combine in one photo. Originally, I wanted to take a picture of a building and have something lean up against it, such as a ladder or person. As I was walking around, however, I came across a clock tower and thought that it had a lot more potential to be used in my photo. I sat down for a while and brainstormed what I could use the clock tower for, when I realized it kind of looked like a faucet coming out of the ground. So, I edited the clock tower into a faucet.

I think that this image conveys creativity and demonstrates that everyday things that you see can be used to create something totally different.

Windows To The Soul

When I saw the example photographs by Stephen Mcmennamy I knew that I wanted to choose pictures that could tell a story on their own. After thinking about two things that could work together, I stared out of the window of the Student Center while looking at my friend’s face and thought about the idea of their eyes telling a story. I chose the title Windows To The Soul because a person’s face, more importantly their eyes, are able to tell you so much about the struggles and life that they had to persevere through.

Some challenges that I faced while editing my photo were that PicMonkey kept crashing and freezing. I think my final image is able to convey that a person’s physical appearance can only tell you so much about their lifestyle, while their inner thoughts and emotions can only be tapped through looking someone in the eyes and having thought-provoking conversations.


Choosing the right images, for me, was a bit complicated as there were limited photos of flying monsters representing evil. I used the preview mac app to reduce the size of the second image with the winged beast to make it fit into the upper middle part of the image of the man looking up to the sky. I want the second image to be within the line of sight of the man from the first image. The final image may not be perfect as the differences in background colors are profoundly visible. I feel all of us as individuals have to navigate life with distinct moral compasses and that is what I want the final image to show. The final image shows a man looking up to the winged beast in the sky. The beast symbolizes the evil within our hearts and the man represents humanity that has to keep its distance from the monster and stay on the “right path” which is different for every single person.

The Link to the assignment is here.

Mary Poppins Parachute

I expected this week’s Sunday Sketch to be much harder than it was. Having this photo editing assignment hanging over my head all week as I stressed about midterms was nerve-wracking. I was worried about having enough time and energy at the end of the week to put in the necessary amount of effort. However, because I spent nearly every waking minute this weekend cramming for two back to back exams, this Sunday Sketch felt like a much-needed break as it turned out to be the least intense academic work I had to do this weekend.

The idea behind ‘Mary Poppins Parachute’ came to me at the end of a 30-minute-long brainstorming session in Woody’s dining hall at 9:30pm as I consumed my first proper meal of the day – chicken strip sandwich with a side of seasoned fries. When I proposed the idea to my friend and dedicated NBB 201 and Bio study partner, she exclaimed, “Oh! You ‘bout to make a whole new Mary Poppins,” hence the title. Altogether, I’m thoroughly pleased with how my photo came out. I was not sure I would be able to blend two pictures separated with a straight edge crop as well as I did. The blue sky backgrounds work well together giving the entire photo a cohesiveness that adds to the editing’s realism. Finding images that blended well together was undoubtedly the most challenging aspect of the editing.

Sk4: It’s Lit

When deciding what to make my combophoto of, I went through my camera roll on my phone and scrolled until something caught my eye as visually interesting. The top photo of a bon fire we had on one of our last nights at the Mountain School, stood out to me for its dramatic color and shape of the flame against the dusk sky. When I saw the photo I instantly knew I wanted to have the other photo be of a match, so that I could make it look like the match was one fire. My options for creative commons images were somewhat limited, otherwise I might’ve hoped to have the background of the match be darker so that it would mesh with the grass in the top image better. Thus making the pictures blend as I had envisioned was my greatest challenge. Overall I feel the combophoto has an interesting way of capturing how one lit match gives rise to such a large fire.