The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing

Sekiro: Shadows Die Then Rage Quit

This was probably the Sunday Sketch that took me the longest to figure out what I was going to do for it, but it is definitely my favorite. I decided to make my true story, five paged comic about the current video game that I’m playing. When I have free time on weekends I tend to play Sekiro and it is one of the hardest, most rewarding games that I have played in years. I figured since I’ve played it so much that there would have to be at least one funny moment. I chose the final boss fight that I have been stuck on for a few weeks now. One time I got so mad that I’m surprised my controller is still in one piece. There was a lot happening within the boss fight so I just made sure to put the important parts of the fight starting, me getting killed, and then my rage quit. Making this comic a true story was hard just because I couldn’t think of anything interesting at first and then this idea just hit me while I was eating breakfast one morning.

True War Story

The constraints given with this Sunday Sketch actually aided me in finding a story which I really liked. Because this was meant to be a true story that hooked the reader from the start, I immediately started thinking of true stories that were so rare that it seemed like it couldn’t be true. Soon I realized that my life did not contain anything like that so I turned to stories which I could manipulate to seem that way and arrived at this. It starts off with an image of a hand on the ground in a pool of blood with a caption “I died once”. Right off the bat, the reader is forced to think that this cannot be a true story as I was very much alive to actually create the story. This was exactly the kind of hook that I was looking for. From there it was smooth sailing as all of the scenes I wanted to portray came to me quickly. The only difficulty I reached was that because I added much detail to the smaller drawing on the first page, I was forced to remain consistent and add similar amounts of detail even as the page continually increased in size. Overall, the assignment was a fun and interesting one to do.