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What am I busy with?


I developed this habit of listing pending matters at the beginning of this semester after a terrible week haunted by time conflicts. To avoid over-scheduling myself as well as procrastination, I write down my everyday work on a notebook for better time management. This sketch assignment makes me realize that the notebook can also be used to trace back my daily life and identify potential patterns. Although I do not put down everything in my life, items on the notebook are usually things that occupy most of my time when I am not in class. This graph represents data from Sep. 23rd to Nov. 10th.

My Sunday to Monday is mostly occupied by academics and less time is spent studying since Wednesday because I tend to finish assignments ahead of time so that I can enjoy the rest of my free time without thinking about dues. Most of my extracurricula are scheduled on Thursday night and Friday because I do not have classes on Friday. The drop between Friday and Saturday is easy to understand – Friday nights never end on Friday.

I have thought about showing the percentage of each category, but the different amounts of free time I have make it more reasonable to record the actual numbers. For instance, my Saturday always begins in the afternoon, and I have to wake up early for classes on Tuesday and Thursday. If I were to continue this record to assess my schedule, I would use total time spent in each category instead of the number of items, since time spent on each item may range from 30 minutes to 12 hours. Except for the fact that staying up late is unhealthy, I do not see the necessity to significantly change my typical weekly schedule.


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How Productive am I?

This was definilty the most challenging Sunday Sketch I have done so far. Not only coming up with something to track but then also recording it. I spend about an hour trying to do it electronically, before finally deciding to do it on paper.

Productivity is a very general term, so first I decided to define what it meant to me. I defined productivity as making a good use of my time and completing a specific task. That could be many things, like doing my homework or cleaning my room. After that I had 5 categories to track. Those were being productive in class, homework, club work, exercising, and an other thing that was productive.