Tracing my Reflection

Forming my analyze of the two traced pages that I had annotated was a difficult process to take on. As I attempted to dive deeper into the meaning of certain patterns, I struggled for a little with developing a proper thesis that expanded the ideas I was witnessing on the pages. However, after much contemplation and deeper research on the “secret language of comics” I began to see a clear purpose emerging from the patterns I saw in Stitches and Spinning. After much thought, I knew that the authors’ experimentation with duration and motion and the use of specific images on the pages all lead to an underlying message of the protagonists being controlled by the fear in their lives. Small expanded on the duration of a moment to emphasize the specific detail of the fetus in order to relate his growth to an unknown terror that was beginning to control his life. He used his images to highlight the elements and expressions that lead to this conclusion. In contrast, Walden demonstrated the layering of motion and use of void images to present the idea to the audience that she is merely going through the motions of figure skating because of the fear she has of a life without it.

The process of annotating my traced pages allowed me to obtain a better understanding of the details I was privy to and those that were intentionally left out. By annotating these works I could take a closer look at the meanings behind each frame, angle, and perspective that the authors were sharing with us through their drawings. Obtaining this deeper understanding made the inductive essay much more manageable to form. I changed my writing process by jumping straight into my observations and arguments while considering what these patterns were really hinting to in the back of my mind. It took me a pretty long time to write this three paragraphs because I continued to stop and take multiple steps back in order to recognize the bigger picture at hand.

Ultimately, this assignment definitely provided me with an understanding of comics that I had never gotten before. I can now confidently say that Stitches and Spinning are much clearer after writing my analyze and diving into the patterns used by these authors. My biggest insight from this project is the hidden layer of deep emotion that drives both narratives. It had been clear that the ideas in these books were much deeper than just the surface, but being able to recognize the patterns set in place to demonstrate the unspoken feelings of the characters was a very pleasing thing for me to discover. Both the assignment prompt and my analyze of the annotated pages can be useful for more insight into a more meaningful understanding of these comics.

Diving into Tea Time

This weeks Sunday Sketch was one of the most difficult ones I’ve done so far. I spent days looking at images on Flickr trying to find two that could possible be pieced together. When I saw the picture of the diver I knew I could turn it into a larger image so I began searching for another picture that would closely resemble the ocean background color. I found the image of the teacup and I knew it would fit perfectly. The most difficult part of the assignment was trying to create an original image that you couldn’t already find somewhere online. There were so many great examples that it became harder to make one of my own after I kept discovering more and more combophotos.

The actual editing of the photo was not very hard at all. I combined the two images and slightly blended them together to make the picture a bit more coherent. After creating several different combophotos from many images and ideas, I chose this one because I believe the two images went very well together and demonstrated a very nice larger picture at hand. I am pretty proud of the final image and enjoy the entertainment of the contradictory sizes of both the diver and teacup. To view this week’s Sunday Sketch prompt click here.

Photo Credits: Diver & Teacup

Aesthetics & Astronomy: Visual Note Taking

Astronomy requires a lot of visual thinking and necessary observations in order to understand the material throughout the course. Creating visual notes for this class was much more helpful than textual notes could have ever been. While drawing these images and formulating my notes, the concepts of the astronomical ideas I am currently learning were much more understandable. I could visualize the theories and laws more clearly and comprehend the meaning of these new ideas with the pictorial applications in my notes.

While drawing these images I realized just how much of a visual learner I am. I do not believe I could have understood the this chapter of my astronomy class if I had not been able to draw out these images and recognize the true applications of these ideas. Not to mention, I thoroughly enjoyed creating these notes. Usually the notes I take in class are not very intricate and not as understandable as I would like for them to be. Creating my visual notes helped me to go over the information that I’ve learned while having fun making art through these foreign ideas. I’m thankful for the prompt that led me to this new way of understanding my course materials which can be found here.

The Commander of the Sea!

For this Sunday Sketch I sat in my dorm helplessly searching and staring at every object I own. I placed object after object onto pieces of paper trying to imagine some sort of image to implement it into. Finally, in a very college style I pulled out my pack of Command Hanging Strips and simply stared for about five minutes formulating pictures in my head of what I could turn this into. The hook of the Command Strip made me think of some kind of wave or fin so I immediately started sketching around it to see how I could possible work this out. With my first slightly terrible shark sketch I could definitely see the potential of this drawing and began creating a more detailed image that might better fit around the Command Strip.

After finishing the drawing of my sketch the next issue that I came to was utilizing color in some way. It made me extremely nervous to attempt to color in the entire Command Strip and hope that it perfectly matched the surrounding image. I tested many different color options on my first shark draft with another Command Strip and ultimately decided to color part of the object with colored pencils and form an outline with a marker to further implement it into the image. I felt pretty proud of the outcome and thought it fit in very well with the overall picture. To read more about the prompt that helped produce this image you can click here.

Reflection of Literacy Narrative Part One

Writing part one of my literacy narrative was a very eye-opening experience for me. I hadn’t thought too much about how reading and writing impacted my life because by now it has been integrated into my normal everyday life. Starting with the freewriting exercises made me recognize just how lengthy my journey with reading and writing has been. I’ve grown into an entirely new person because of this journey and by the end of my narrative I realized just how much change has occurred in my life. I used to despise writing, but maturing into the person I am today has made me understand the great value and strength it has given me. I grateful to be able to express my ideas and point of views because of writing and I cannot imagine a life without it. Reading has been a part of who I was since the very beginning and I think the sentence that a reader would identify as the most interesting would be when I state, “No matter what stress or issues I faced, I could always retreat into the pages of these imaginative worlds filled with love and happiness.” I believe anyone who has a connection with reading can recognize the truth in this statement in one way or another. This experience has once again demonstrated to me the importance and power of reading and writing. Up until this point I had overlooked both of these very influential activities, but now I see their value once again and can fully appreciate their significance in the world.

My Sunday Sketch Avatar :)

I’ve created my avatar by finding a bright and colorful skyline image on Flickr, adding a pretty sun in the corner, and drawing my very own stick figure superhero flying through the sky. I chose my background image because I felt very connected with the beautiful warm colors that the image used and the simplistic city view that was drawn. My favorite images have always been ones that contain suns, rainbows, and lots of color because it makes everything so much brighter and more light hearted. I think the picture demonstrates my warm personality and sunny disposition through all of the features in its design. In addition to creating an image full of very aesthetic colors, I chose to draw in a superhero to further connect my avatar with the class at hand.
Our class topic is The Secret Language of Comics: Visual Thinking and Writing so I really wanted to include some aspect of that into my avatar. In my opinion, superheroes are one of the most common and obvious comic book features. I’ve read many graphic novels and comics throughout my childhood and adolescent life, and the few that contained superheroes were always so fascinating to me. Not only can superheroes have extraordinary abilities, but also warm and generous souls that lead them to protect humanity and make their worlds a better place everyday. Drawing my superhero was definitely the most difficult part of creating my avatar. It took several attempts and a lot of precision, but ultimately I was extremely pleased with the outcome. Also, a big part of who I am is my belief in the equality of all and power of women in this world. Clearly I’ve decided to make my superhero a female to demonstrate a sense of girl power in my avatar because although women may be outnumbered in superhero universes, I believe the few great superwomen we have outweigh all the rest of the men immensely.
Creating this avatar was such a fun activity and felt very useful in learning more about photo editing, drawing, and online photo resources. I like the avatar I made a lot and I think it really demonstrates the warmth and happiness of who I am as well as some of my beliefs and views on the world. After finishing this assignment I am even more excited to further my creative journey through this class and learning more about the different creative outlets I can express my ideas through.

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