Week ahead: 11

11 11/5 Sabrina — 1-50
11/7 Sabrina — 51-100
11/10 Sketch 9: Data viz from everyday life

This week, we’ll start Sabrina by Nick Drnaso. I think it will feel like a very different book to most of you than any we’ve read so far. Zadie Smith, an author with a long list of awards and commendations, said of Sabrina that it is “the best book — in any medium — I have read about our current moment.” I wonder what you think of that claim, especially in the sense of what is “our current moment” then?

How would you describe the tone of the novel? How about its color palette and visual style? The cartoonist Roz Chast has claimed that Drnaso “gets across a mood that’s very unsettling, in a way that I’ve never quite come across before, at least in graphic novels.” Probably all the of the books we have read this semester have been unsettling in some ways — but how is this one more or less or differently unsettling?

Don’t forget to keep tracking your data for sketch 9 and to put together your visualization of that data. And I will hand out oversized paper in class on Thursday that you can use for your 5-panel true stories in sketch 10.

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