Week ahead: 4

4 9/17 Hillary Chute, “Comics for Grown-Ups?” from Why Comics?: From Underground to Everywhere

Stitches — “I was fifteen” & “A few years ago I had the following dream. In the dream I was a boy of six again” (243-329)

9/19 Spinning — Prologue and chapters 1-3 (1-114)
9/22 Sketch 3: Visual Note Taking


This week, I’ll be meeting individually with each of you (remember to show up during the time you signed up for!!). I’ll give you feedback on your literacy narrative and we’ll touch base about the class more generally.


We’ll finish reading Stitches and discuss the ending. We’ll also spend a significant amount of time working through Hillary Chute’s argument in “Comics for Grown-Ups.” Chute is probably the most eminent scholar of comics working right now and this essay is a substantial theoretical text — so read it carefully and thoughtfully. The first half of the essay traces the broad outlines of a history of comics, but what’s going on in its second half Note that the title for this class shows up in the essay and expect for me to press you to unpack this “secret language of comics.”


We’ll begin to discuss Spinning, but that doesn’t mean that you can totally shut the book on Stitches. We’ll start discussion by comparing the two texts, visually and otherwise. As you read, be thinking about the similarities and differences between what Small and Walden are doing in these texts.


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