Week ahead: 5

5 9/24 Spinning — chapters 4-5 (115-82)
9/26 Scott McCloud Making Comics, chpt 1

Spinning — chapters 6-8 (183-318)

9/29 Sketch 4: Combophoto

Your Tracing Pages assignment is due on October 3, so you should be working on that as you finish reading Spinning.

I had planned to move the McCloud reading up to Tuesday, since the page count over the weekend was light, but I forgot to get this post up on Friday, and with you working on tracing pages over the weekend anyway, it’s probably perfectly fine that it stays on Thursday. Just be aware that it’s more reading for Thursday’s class and plan accordingly.

For your Sunday Sketch this week, you’ll need to combine two photos to make one. Once you have your idea and the images you’re going to combine the actual editing process shouldn’t be too terribly difficult, but take a moment now to look at the example combophotos so that you can begin brainstorming and keeping an eye out for some images you might want to play with.

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