Wrapping up

I promised in class yesterday to put up a list of what you need to work on over the next couple of weeks:

  • Complete Literacy Narrative, Part 3 and publish as a new page on your site, along with a reflection post linking to it.
  • Complete your final Sunday Sketch assignment, which should help you to begin thinking about your final reflection letter.
  • By the time we meet next Tuesday (12/10) send me an email in which you identify one piece of writing you have completed this semester that you believe I should nominate for an Eagle Award, along with a paragraph explaining why it deserves this award/why you are proud of it.
  • Edit your website to have a static front page, with a good menu and clear access to all the work you’ve published this semester. Make the whole site feel like a coherent, finished website.
  • Publish your reflection letter to the front page of your site.

On Tuesday, we’ll put a bow on the class topic and discussions. I’ll answer any questions you have about the list above and we might talk a bit about the Assemblies sketches you put together. I’ll have a Google doc sign up sheet ready by then for you to sign up for final conferences with me, should you choose to have another one. And I’ll give you some time to fill out the end of semester course evaluation forms.

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